Thursday, July 19, 2007

Health Insurance for Children

As I was going through different blogs/websites on my blog roll, I saw that there were a lot of articles on children's health insurance and a bill to increase the government funding for children's health insurance. Currently, the program CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) is funding children's health insurance, and there is a bill to renew this program, which would approve $35 billion in funds, which would be paid for by an increase in the tax of cigarettes. There is debate though whether this bill should be renewed: some problems including its shift of billions of dollars from the private funding to government funding, and disagreement with the increase of tax on cigarettes. Because there were many articles on this subject, I think that it is important in the current news. This is a link with basic information on the argument:

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KSeago said...

Very nice effort. You might separate the newspapers from the blogs, but it's not essential. Aesthetically, very pleasing.